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Claim Reports

If the spare part, that You have bought from our company, has stopped functioning correctly before the end of the warranty period, please fill in the fields below and click the button „Send“. Our quality manager will contact You.

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Details of the failure:

1. Fill the form, provide as much details as possible and forward to responsable person in “Jupojos technika”.
2. Attach pictures with the details abaut the fault.
3. Return the item with this report.
4. A responsible person will inform you about the warranty status.
5. In the case of valid warranty you will get a credit, worth the price of the item. Item will be terminated. You will be informed only via the email address you provided.
6. If our conclusion is arguable, a failure analysis report will be presented. If the results of this report will match our conclusions, Bet jeigu ataskaitos rezultatai sutaps su mūsų išvadomis, report cost will be submitted to the claimant.

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