JALTEST diagnostics


Jaltest Global Diagnostic Solutions

Jaltest, multi-brand diagnostics for commercial vehicles, comprises a great group of elements that make it an essential resource for the workshop nowadays:

– Jaltest Link Interface: Rugged diagnosis hardware for Commercial Vehicles.
– Jaltest Software: Diagnosis Software. Capable of performing manual diagnosis, of measuring values, actuations, visualizing the ECU data, calibrating and resetting electronic systems…
– Jaltest Info: Technical data software that will allow to check technical data, technical information or wiring diagram belonging to any system.
– Jaltest GRP: Workshop’s Management program for the organization and management of the workshop’s activity.
– Jaltest ETM: Dedicated diagnostic software to check EBS electronic modules.
– Jaltest IPARTS: Spare parts database with cross-references from suppliers and manufacturers.
– Cable set: From the OBD diagnosis cable to brand specific cables as well as European, Asian and American communication protocols.
– Jaltest Services: Technical Assistance, Customer Service, Training, E-learning