Lithuanian Automotive Export Association

Who We Are?

Lithuanian Automotive Export Association (LAuGEA) is an association with features of cluster activity, joining Lithuanian companies manufacturing and exporting automotive products. The cluster LAuGEA was found by the companies UAB Jupojos technika, UAB Jubana, UAB Autosmilga, UAB Eoltas, UAB Craft Bearings, UAB Maturė, UAB Dažų ir Dangų fabrikas, AB Achema branch office Gaschema, UAB Danushis Chemicals, UAB Augija, and Šiauliai University in 2014.

LAuGEA collaborates with various business companies, state institutions, non-governmental organizations, research and product development units, and other entities with similar activities.

The cooperation allows LAuGEA members not only to accelerate their development and testing of new competitive products and successfully sell them in local and foreign markets, but also to more efficiently manage corporate costs.

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