We sort out

GIA_logoOne of the social priorities of “Jupojos technika” is enviromental protection. Company not only encourages its personell to sort out the waste, reduce the enviromental pollution but also informs the customers about the negative impact of waste on the environment and the possibility to sort and transfer for the proper arrangement.

In 2013 UAB “Jupojos technika” has become a sponsor of environment protection project “We sort out in the workshop” that takes part across the Lithuania, to encourage the private and legal entities performing the maintenance of a vehicles to sort out the used fuel, air and oil filters, shock absorbers, tires and hand them over to the legitimate waste management. By supporting this project we expect to contribute to environmental problems, public awareness about waste and environmental damage to health, education, thereby reducing various components of the environment pollution and waste containing the hazardous materials.

UAB “Jupojos technika” invites everybody to be active, to sort out the waste generated at work and at home to get rid of them properly, to avoid environmental pollution and save the environment!

For more information on this environmental project check the website www.mesrusiuojam.lt